I was born in Kansas, raised in Missouri, returned Kansas for grad school and work, and have now returned to Missouri. As the connecting city of my two beloved states, I consider Kansas City my home. I root enthusiastically for the Royals and Chiefs, while siding with the Kansas Jayhawks (well, maybe not in football but definitely in basketball!). This allegiance does not make me popular in a neighborhood of Mizzou supporters, but I stand my ground. RCJ!!

When not watching sports or binging on Netflix series, I can usually be found in my craft room, sadly, it seems, shopping online for craft supplies more than creating artwork and greeting cards. You crafters understand, I know.

The English major in me still beats strong, so I spend time reading, which includes listening to books from Bookshare on my phone or iPad before bed or when I am not feeling well. Putting my own words on the page has always empowered me, from the time I used to dictate stories and poems to my aide, Mrs. Steele. I am delighted to have the time, perspective, and energy to devote to writing again.